BUDO-KIDS SECTION National Referent Sandra DETREZ

Opening of a Budo-Kids section for children aged 7 to 14.

Courses adapted to the morphology of children, educational, physical all this in a conviviality and know-how.

Allow your children to react to a dangerous situation, allow them to adopt the right gestures and thus gain self-confidence, the child becomes aware of his body in space as well as the sense of balance , the initiation of self defense also helps to instill discipline ...

The courses will be oriented around fun workshops allowing an approach to self defense in the form of games.

Living with others, respecting collective rules, developing concentration.

He will progress at his own pace and under the control of the instructor who will accompany him on his way..

COME join us, dare the intuitive SELF DEFENSE

5 good reasons to register your child for Budo System Defense

Did you dream of becoming a martial arts star as a kid? Your dreams may have been influenced by the adventures of Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi, but Budo System Defense offers a lot of real benefits for kids today. Here are the top five reasons why BSD is a great sport for your child.
  • 1. Get more physical activity

    In a time when children are less and less active and obesity is on the rise, every opportunity is good for physical activity..

    But Budo System Defense is a leap over any other option, thanks to a clever mix of physical training, cardio and stretching
  • 2. Discipline is important

    Martial arts are based on self-discipline, an increasingly valuable value for today's children living in a world where immediate satisfaction is sought.

    In life, you cannot always achieve what you want, and self-control is an essential part of learning in order to be able to react to disappointments, as well as to overcome obstacles and adversities.
  • 3. Respect

    When was the last time you heard the expression, “Respect the elders”? Probably when you were a kid. Why? Because it's a dying art.

    The Budo System Defense is based on the principle of respect for adults and others.
    Children who do Budo System Defense don't just learn beautiful movements - they also learn to respect authority.
  • 4. Non-violent conflict resolution

    Although Budo System Defense may seem like an intensely physical act, it is not at all aggressive.

    Indeed, martial arts provide nonviolent defensive techniques, as well as the ability to resolve conflicts in a nonviolent manner.
  • 5. Profound repercussions

    The skills that children acquire through the Budo System Defense are not limited to the dojo. In reality, Budo System Defense students translate the lessons learned into the arena of life.

    From the classroom to the playgrounds, children learn to listen, resolve conflicts, get along well with others, and set goals.
    They also learn to deal well with their frustration when they cannot reach a goal and to find the motivation to renew the effort.
    These skills are not easy to learn, but martial arts teach each of these and many more.