Self Defense is the application in real life as part of self-defense against an assault of some of the techniques taught in the dojo. It is about instantaneous responses to a situation of intense stress caused by physical aggression or immediate danger.

Self defense consists of three phases:

  • Anticipation (having a behavior that discourages aggressors),
  • The immediate response to an assault,
  • The exit from the aggression (flee, control, call the police … etc ..).

In the majority of cases the aggressor is physically stronger, more energetic (or more stupid in the best of cases) than the aggressed and very often he executes his crime without striking a blow. In addition, it has the advantage of initiative and therefore of the element of surprise.

Psychological stress is often such that the victim is unresponsive out of fear, the unknown, ignorance of a means of defense and lack of physical and mental preparation.

The practice of a Self defense training provides not only techniques of slapping, strangulation or submission but also a mental and physical preparation which will make it possible to overcome this stupor by an application of already perfectly mastered gestures which will allow the victim to go beyond the first danger level and to exercise control over the situation.

Self defense is accessible to all